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Marketing Services

Startups and small businesses need marketing but often aren't ready to hire a full team or agency. I work closely with founders and executives to set up a marketing foundation and strategy.

Marketing strategy

Optimise your startup's growth with tailored marketing strategies, digital audits, competitor analysis, and data-driven advertising and content solutions, specifically designed to address your unique business needs

Foundational setup

Establish a strong digital foundation for your business with services such as SEO optimisation, website updates, CRM setup, and social media ad accounts. Let's collaborate to lay the groundwork for sustainable growth.


Kickstart your content and campaigns with initial support in social media content planning, ad creatives, key messaging, and performance optimization. Work with me to build a strong foundation for your marketing efforts, before seamlessly transitioning to an in-house team or agency for long-term scale-up.

Writing Services

Establishing thought leadership requires high quality writing that is tailored to industry nuances. I help companies and non-profits with thought leadership articles, white papers and opinion editorials.

promotional articles or blogs

Enhance your brand visibility with promotional articles and engaging blog content, crafted to inform, entertain, and engage your target audience. Partner with me to create captivating content that showcases your business's unique strengths and accomplishments, driving interest and growth.

thought leadership articles

Establish your industry expertise with thought leadership articles, presenting innovative ideas, solutions, and perspectives. Collaborate with me to craft well-researched, long-form content that positions you as a market leader, enhancing your credibility and reputation among your target audience.


Showcase your expertise with whitepapers, case studies, and ebooks, providing comprehensive research, analysis, and narratives. Collaborate with me to develop compelling content that highlights your business's value, while also serving as an effective tool for generating leads.

Research Services

Understanding consumer needs and the competitive landscape is key to making good business decisions. I provide research and consulting services using nimble digital research methods.

Digital Ethnographic Research

Gain insights into consumer preferences and unmet needs by analyzing social media conversations, search patterns, and web behavior. My digital ethnographic research approach helps you understand your target audience and identify opportunities for growth and innovation.

Competitive Ecosystem analysis

Stay ahead of the competition by studying the digital landscape, including resources available from competitors and organizations, as well as how consumers interact with them. My competitive ecosystem analysis identifies gaps and opportunities, empowering you to develop strategies that set your business apart.

Qualitative Interviews

Get a comprehensive understanding of your category, needs, and white spaces through in-depth interviews with consumers, experts, and other stakeholders. My qualitative interview approach provides a full picture of the market, ensuring you have the insights necessary to make informed decisions and drive success.

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