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Writing Portfolio

Articles, books and case studies published on various platforms and magazines.

The world’s first digitally native generation is coming of age, and will soon decide the fate of brands. What must brands do to satisfy them? We dive into the world of fashion to find some answers.


Perfora is using design and unconventional marketing techniques to gain traction in the Indian oral care industry


SuperBottoms, a sustainable cloth diaper company, is creating a new category, while holding off competitive threats from giants like P&G. In this case study, we look at how the company is achieving this through community building and lean marketing.


How an AI-powered device for implementing hand-washing protocols among healthcare workers required human-centric design interventions to be truly effective


Fold is a financial management app that launched a beta in January, 2023 with an invite-only model. It currently has 5000 users and a waiting list of 25,000 purely through word of mouth. We found out how they got here.

Hate In The Time Of COVID cover.jpg

Short Story

Hate in the time of COVID

Sitara is a dutiful housewife living in an Indian metro city, tending to her elderly mother in law and cooking crispy dosas for her husband Harish who is often away from home for work. The pandemic changes things, making Harish homebound and eager to participate in symbolic gestures to honour healthcare workers even as Sitara toils away in the background, struggling to get essentials and hiding her terror at being locked inside with him.

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