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Sharath C George

Marketing Strategist & Writer

I help startups, non-profits and social enterprises level up their marketing and content strategy. I also write on branding, social entrepreneurship, mental health and tech.

Email me at for enquiries.

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My Story

With a decade of experience in consumer research and digital analytics, I've held leadership roles at Ipsos Healthcare Advisory Group and DRG Digital (now Clarivate). My expertise lies in crafting effective digital strategies for marketing and customer engagement through comprehensive research.

In 2023, I became an independent consultant, helping startups and social enterprises create tailored marketing systems aligned with their goals. I also freelance as a writer, producing thought leadership pieces, case studies, and articles on tech and mental health, with a focus on AI applications for small businesses and non-profits.

I'm also a fledgeling entrepreneur, co-founding talini, an inclusive fashion brand, with my wife. In my free time, I enjoy photography, ham radio, and exploring various hobbies driven by my ADHD restlessness.

Links to some of my side projects outside of work:


Drop me a note if you have an interesting problem to solve, or a story to tell.

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